Manipulate 3D objects using VR Headset

Project Goal · Design a low-fidelity prototyping tool to mock-up Virtual Reality environments in a Virtual Reality headset

VR Platform · Daydream View
Result · Coming soon to Daydream View App store

Background Research
I conducted an extensive review of the existing VR in VR authoring platforms and the past publications about VR interfaces as well. You can read more about it here.
(a) Unity Editor VR (b) NeosVR (c) StoryBoard VR (d) UnReal Editor in VR. Notice the use of motion controllers and 2D UI elements in all demos
3D interfaces with handheld props
Concept Exploration - Part 1
· Gaze-Based
· Controller Based
· Speech Commands
· Hand Gestures
Hardware Setup
Daydream View Headset with a Leap Motion attached using a 3D printed mount
Prototype v1 - Hand Gestures
User Testing - Part 1 (One user)
The user was unable to use the hand tracking because of limited Field of View of Leap Motion. I decided to not pursue hand gestures as it will take a while for mobile VR headsets to include reliable and accurate hand-tracking.

Concept Exploration - Part 2
Prototype v2 - Daydream Controller
User Testing - Part 2 (3 users)
Problems identified
· Rotation feature is harder to understand
· Objects in the environment are too close
· State change of the object should be made clearer

Prototype v3
Move, Rotate and Scale functionality is separated using a scrollable 3D UI
Interaction Design v3

Move the object in x, y-direction by moving the daydream controller and in z-direction by moving your thumb on the touchpad

Rotate the object along the x, y-axis by moving the daydream controller

Scale the object along the x, y-axis by moving the daydream controller

Select different operations by swiping right or left

Proposed UI changes
UI when user clicks in the environment

UI for each object for Duplicate, Delete and Change Color
Next Steps
Develop solutions for these problems and implement them

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