Origami Studio : Navigate seats using price filte
Design Problem
Design a user experience to increase online sales of Washington Wizards Basketball game tickets

User Goals
Buy the Washington Wizards game ticket with minimum number of steps

A female in her mid 20’s who has a full-time job. She lives around the DC area and commutes to work in a car. She spends most of her time at work sitting in front of a computer and doing blue collar work.

Key Insights

1. Mobile First Website
2. Easy access to information - Venue and Time are important for professionals as they can only visit the game during off hours. So make this information very easy to find.
3. Digital Calendar - Ability to add the event to the calendar as professionals rely excessively on digital calendars.


Balsamiq Wireframes

Prototype 1

Streamlined the user flow of their existing website adding key functionalities
Design Iteration 2

Concept Exploration
3D Asset cleanup

Cleaning up the hierarchy of the 3D model in Blender
360-degree asset creation

I used a 360-degree camera capture rig Unity asset to create 360-degree photos for the interactive prototype.

Creating a 360 degree photo render in Unity
Prototype 2

Three component Interface
· Price Range scroll bar
· 360-degree photo of the view from the seat
· Mini-map at the top to move around the court

Origame Studio : Mini map interaction with the basketball court
Origami Studio : Navigate seats by price range UI

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