Yours truly :)

I am a Mixed Reality product designer based in San Francisco working on Social VR and blockchain at High Fidelity. Through a unique blend of user experience design, hardware, and software, I have experimented with merging the digital and physical worlds over the past 5 years and have been fortunate enough for my work to be featured in top publications and won several awards.
I completed my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Maryland College Park where I also conducted research on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Computer Graphics at the Graphics and Visual Informatics Laboratory.

I am currently working as a Virtual Reality User Experience Designer at High Fidelity. Previously I was a Virtual Reality Developer @UofMaryland, and @Newseum. I am also the creator of the VR design tool MockupVR and 3D design tool Play3d. I have conducted Virtual Reality Development workshops for employees at Nasa Goddard and consulted on their Virtual Reality efforts.
I write about Virtual, Mixed Reality and other stuff on Medium.

Feel free to contact me at mukulagarwal + 7 + gmail + dot + com.

Mukul has three provisional patents in Virtual and Augmented reality space, one of which was nominated as “Invention of the year award 2017” at the University of Maryland College Park.
His work has been featured on The Washington Post and Big Ten Conference 2017. He has also won awards at Hackathons in Washinton, DC, and Delhi, India.
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