Product Designer working on Augmented Reality at Amazon.
Product Designer with extensive experience in leading complex design projects from concept to launch with bleeding edge technology and cross-functional stakeholders with a focus on improvements in key business metrics. My process begins with user research and ideation resulting in prototyping to get user feedback early on in the project. This helps the team do a sanity check, derisk development and aligns all the stakeholders on a common vision. I then move on to do information architecture, interaction design, visual design and even contribute code to align pixels in production.

Previous experience includes launching a blockchain based e-commerce system for virtual objects and growing it 2x in the first month and 6x in 6 months after launch. Another project was designing a virtual avatar creation and customization app working with 5 engineers and 2 product managers resulting in increased Customer Lifetime Value.

· Virtual Reality Product Designer at High Fidelity,
· Virtual Reality UX Design at Newseum,
· Creator of MockupVRPlay3d, BgCP,
· Graduate Research Assistant at Augmentarium,
· and HCIM graduate.

My work in Virtual/Augmented Reality and Computer Graphics at University of Maryland College Park lead to a patent (pending) and a nomination for "Inventor of the Year Award 2017". 

Feel free to email me at for hanging out over coffee if you are in the Bay area.
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